Domain- Eukaryota

Kingdom- Animalia

Phylum- Chordata

Class- Reptilia

Order- Squamata

Family- Viperidae

Genus- Sistrurus

Species- Sistrurus miliarius

Domain - Eukaryota

The Southeastern Pygmy Rattlesnake can be found in the Domain "Eukaryota" because they

have a true nucleus as well as membrane bound organelles

Kingdom Animalia

The Sistrurus miliarius also can be considered in the Kingdom "Animalia". They are also mobile,

as are most found in this kingdom, and they are also heterotrophs which means that they do not

produce their own food.

Phylum - Chordata

The Southeastern Pygmy Rattlesnake is considered under the Phylum "Chordata" because they

have a post natal tail, a dorsal nerve, and a thyroid gland. They also have a true digestive tract

and a true coelom which is fluid filled and lined with mesoderm.

Class - Reptillia

The Sistrurus miliarius is classified in the Class "Reptillia" because they have scaly skin, they

produce amniotic eggs, and they have an improved skeleton. This means that they possess a rib

cage, limbs, and a jaw.


Order - Squamata

The Southeastern Pygmy Rattlesnake is grouped in the Order "Squamata" because of their

transverse vent used for reproduction, and urinary tracts. Also skulls and they have the ability

to lose their tails or legs. Last is the shedding of their epidermal layer or skin.

Family - Viperidae

The  Sistrurus miliarius is in the Family "Viperidae" because of their pair of hollow short fangs

that lay flat when the mouth is closed. Once the snake opens its mouth it inject its venom into a


Genus - Sistrurus

The Southeastern Pygmy Rattlesnake falls under the Genus "Sistrurus" because it possesses the

characteristics of the Pygmy Rattlesnake.


Species - Sistrurus miliarius

The Southeastern Pygmy Rattlesnake falls under the species "Sistrurus miliarius" because it is

the same species as the Southeastern Pygmy Rattlesnake.

Subspecies - Sistrurus miliarius miliarius

 The Carolina Pygmy Rattlesnake is in the subspecies "Sistrurus miliarius miliarius" because it

can be located between Southeastern North Carolina to Southern South Carolina and Westward

to Alabama.

Subspecies - Sistrurus miliarius barbouri

The Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake is in the subspecies "Sistrurus miliarius barbouri" because its

location from Southern South Carolina to the Florida Peninsula and Westward to

Southeastern Mississippi.

Subspecies - Sistrurus miliarius streckeri

The Western Pygmy Rattlesnake is in the subspecies "Sistrurus miliarius streckeri" because of

its location between Southwestern Kentucky to Southeastern Mississippi and Westward to

Eastern Texas and Oklahoma.


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