Habitat and Distribution

The emerald cockroach wasp often thrives in warmer climates in much of East Africa, South Asia, Northern South America, Central America, Hawaii and Australia (Eaton 2011). Although it is not native to Hawaii, the wasp has been introduced to the Hawaiian Islands in hopes that it would help manage the cockroach population (McCormack 2007).

Though the emerald cockroach wasp is equipped with wings, it spends most of its time crawling within or near trees in search of a cockroach host (Eaton 2011). The solitary wasp does not have a hive or home of its own but rather a burrow in which to hold its cockroach host while its offspring develops. (More information about the capturing of the cockroach can be found in interactions). Ampulex compressa have virtually no parental care and once the egg has been planted on the cockroach's abdomen, the wasp barricades the entrance to keep predators out and abandons her burrow (Eaton 2011).

A. compressa

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