Background information: None of these pictures have been copyrighted.  These pictures were all taken from a Key Largo Marine biology class trip in August of 2012 and were put together afterwards.  Some of them you will see repeated on other pages of this website.  Enjoy!


This first picture is a close up of Diploria labyrinthiformis, otherwise known as a brain coral.
Used with permission
This is a picture of the Damselfish that was eating off of the brain coral.



In this next picture you can see that the brain coral is also a home to other organisms that grow on it. 


This is a picture of knobby brain coral, otherwise known as Diploria clivosa.


This image is another close up of the brain coral where you can see the deepness of the grooves it forms.


This is a picture of the brain coral and the habitat around it.  It takes part in important ecosystems.


This brain coral was referred to as "the butt".  Two brain corals may have grown together, or one brain coral's development was disrupted to provide the separation of certain areas.


This brain coral covered and surrounded by sea whips and vegetation.  Many organisms flourish around these areas!


You can see some of the different types of fish that hang around brain coral and other corals.


These next images are taken from a few websites that have allowed me use their pictures, feel free to check out their websites to find out more about brain coral!

Maze Brain Coral Clearer Pic