Naked mole rats are known to be herbivores, feeding primarily on roots, tubers, and bulbs in the wild (Atlanta Zoo, 2012). However, in captivity, such as zoos, they have been recorded to eat sweet potatoes, potatoes, grapes, apples, and romaine (Rosamond Gifford Zoo, 2006). Also, as disgusting as this sounds to most of us, naked mole rats will also consume their own feces. Although this sounds appalling to us, they have a logical explanation for doing so.They feed primarily on tubers and roots, which are quite hard to digest because they possess large amounts of cellulose. Naked mole rats, therefore, do not absorb as many nutrients as the food source has the potential to provide to them, when it is passed through their system for the first time. Like our intestines are filled with bacteria, their intestines are filled with microorganisms that help them digest the cellulose. Even though they contain these organisms in their gut, in order to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients possible from their food, they will go ahead and eat their poop (San Diego Zoo, 2012).

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