Domain – Eukarya: The Plainfin Midshipman fish is in the domain Eukarya because all of its’ cells have a nucleus and membrane bound organelles.


Kingdom – Animalia: Organisms in the Animalia kingdom are multicellular, motile, heterotrophic, lack cell walls, and reproduce sexually.


Phylum – Chordata: Organisms in the Chordata phylum possess a hollow nerve cord, and a tail at some point in their life. Some other marine chordates include: great white sharks and  dolphins.


Class – Actinopterygii: Organisms in this class are ray-finned fishes. Some other ray finned fish include: barracuda, largemouth bass, tuna, and muskellunge.


Order – Batrachoidiformes: Organisms in this order are usually called toadfish because of their toad-like appearance. They have a head which is wide and flat, and are bottom dwellers (Froese & Reyes, 2013).


Family – Batrachoididae: This is the only family in the Batrachoidiformes order. Batrachoididae are toadfish and males are able to vocalize (Froese & Reyes, 2013).


Genus – Porichthys: Porichthys are Midshipman Fish which can be distinguished by their photophores, and their nocturnal behavior. There are three types of individuals, Type I and Type II males, and females (Froese & Reyes, 2013).


Species – Porichthys notatus: Porichthys breaks down to porous fish in greek. Notatus means marked in latin.

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