Gallery: Art and Science- An Abstraction

Andrew Bradford 2013. Red tide caused by bloom of N. scintillans.

Andrew Bradford 2013. N. scintillans.

Andrew Bradford 2013. Bioluminescence at Night- Competing Light

This gallery contains abstract images that show the imaginative thinking that is necessary in science. Although these are abstrations of reality, they make the mind wonder about the brilliance of biodiversity and adaptation. Now moving from abstraction to precision, drawing understandable and acccurate representations of organisms is useful. In UW La Crosse's BIO 203 taught by Gretchen Gerrish and Anton Sanderfoot, a guest speaker came in to tell us the importance of making accurate diagrams. This person was Dr. Barrett Klein, who has a strong background not only in studying animal behavior but also in making diagrams of animals. He showed us how to make accurate illustrations, and we made our own for our lab manuals. Dr. Klein's art, science background and resume can be found on his website,

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