Classification of Cryptotermes cavifrons.

Domain: Eukarya

Cryptotermes cavifrons  belongs to the domain Eukarya because it contains nuclei in its cells (Campbell, et al. 2008). Eukaryotic organisms come in a large range of forms with many diverse ways to survive, plants are a great example of this diversity (see Silene).

Kingdom: Animalia

Cryptotermes cavifrons belongs to the kingdom Animalia which translates to “living being” because of the shared characteristics it has with all organisms of this kingdom. These characteristics are that it is a multi-cellular eukaryotic organism that digests its food (Campbell, et al. 2008). There is great variation of morphology across the Animal Kingdom an awesome example of this is the Golden Eagle (see Golden Eagle).

Phylum: Arthropoda

Cavifrons was placed in the phylum Arthropoda or in English “jointed leg”. It was placed here because of this organisms morphological features. These features are that it has a hard exoskeleton that is composed of chitin, and that it has a segmented body that forms a head, abdomen, and thorax (Thomas 1990). There are many species that belong to this phylum an interesting lesser known one is the Mayan Bee.(see Mayan Bee).


Class: Insecta

Cavifrons belongs to the class of Insecta which literal translation means to notch or cut. This organism was put here because it has “segmented tarsi, no muscles past the first section of antenna, and an organ consisting of sensory cells located in the second part of the antenna” (Kristensen 1991). Another well known organism that belongs to this class is the Army Ant.(see Army Ant).

Order: Blattodeataxon links

Cavifrons was placed in the order of Blattodea for its characteristics and common ancestry. This organism shares a common ancestor with cockroaches which makes up a large part of the order, and shares similar characteristics with cockroaches like” leathery wings (only in reproductives), it lays eggs, and asymmetrical genitalia” ( Eggleton, et al. 2007. Tree of Life).

Family: Kalotermitidae 

Cavifrons is placed in the lower family of termites Kalotermitidae (Krishna 1969). It was placed there because of a shared symbiotic relationship all members of this family posses with a protozoan that helps digest cellulose to turn into nutrients (Krishna and Weesner 1969). Kalotermitidae translates into “primitive termites of warm regions” (thefreedictionary 2013).

Genus: Cryptotermes

Cavifrons belongs to the genus of Cryptotermes because of the shared characteristic that is shared with other members of this genus which is that it consumes wood (Braummer and Scheffrahn 2001).

Species: cavifrons

This termite got its species name because of a physical feature apparent on the front of this organism’s head. This identifying feature that sets it apart from others is the presence of a substantial groove or indentation that has a circular appearance (Baummer and Schffrahn 2001)

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