Fun Facts!

We chose to research this organism for the odd quirks it has! Some of which can be viewed in other pages, while some other intriguing facts are listed below!

Oddly enough, Napoleon Wrasse cannot be cultured in hatcheries. This is detrimental because there is no relief from fishing pressure for this rare species (WWF 2013).
Hump on the Napoleon Wrasse Head
This species is one out of the two most highly valued fish on the reef and is traded on a per kg basis (WWF 2013). To learn more about the illegal fishing of the Napoleon Wrasse, click here.

Napoleon Wrasse are typically a skittish fish, but they like to socialize with fellow divers and snorkelers, they even enjoy being pet (Shedd 2006).

Before and after the sex change, they are fully fertile (IUCN 2013)! To read more, visit the Reproduction page!

More than 50% of their population has declined since 1980 (IUCN 2013).

Liquid cyanide is poured into the ocean is used to illegally capture them. Sadly, only one out of ten survives this process (IUCN 2013).

Members of the family Labridae (Perciformes) are the most diverse coral reef fish throughout the world (Westneat 1993). 

This species is one of the few that will actually eat toxic crown-of-thorns star fish (WWF 2013).

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