Picture of a male Carpenter Bee used with permission from http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/63/Xylocopa-varipuncta-male.jpg

We Guarantee, Xylocopa varipuncta is the "Bees Knees"

“Carpenter bees are a hoax. I bought 50 of them and they haven’t built a darn thing”.

Everybody likes a good joke, but it may not be so funny when Xylocopa varipuncta, more

commonly known as the Valley Carpenter Bee, drills through all the woodwork in your house.

Yep, it is true; this little critter is the result of many headaches all along the western coast.

However, that does not stop X. varipuncta from being an extremely valuable and beautiful asset

to both us and nature.Picture of male Xylocopa varipuncta  used with permission from Wikipedia Commons.



1. Did you know that X.

varipuncta is considered one of

the largest bees in the United

States? For more information

on form, as well as body

functions, click here.


2. Did you know that X.

varipuncta has been described

by scientists as being

primitively social? This

amazing phenomenon suggests

the beginnings of a full-

fledged, eusocial species. More

information on this wonderful

 topic is available if you click here.


3. Did you know that X. varipuncta, along with many other bees, are extremely important

pollinators of food crops. To discover their role with plant pollination in greater detail, click here.


4. Did you know that X. varipuncta does not consume the wood it eats through to create its

home? If this bees unique habitat intrigues you click here.

Male Carpenter Bee in a human’s hand. Picture used with permission from Wikipedia Commons. 

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