The Biggest Fish in the Sea! Introducing.. Rhincodon typus!

Fast Facts!

  • Rhincodon typus is the largest fish on earth. Although they are the largest fish,

    they are a filter feeding fish and feed on tiny plankton and fish. The largest

    animal (who happens to live in water as well) is the Blue Whale! Check it out!


  • R.typus have a very distinct and interesting pattern on their bodies. They are

    like a polka dotted fish with an extremely large mouth. They look large and

    dangerous, but they are of no harm to humans.


  • There is a strong demand for R.typus meat in the Taiwanese market. At first, in

    early 1990’s, R.typus was caught only for their liver oil and the meat was

    discarded. The oil would be used as protection against skin infections and as a

    protective coat on their ships (Indian Council of Agricultural Recourses, 1986).

  • Soon after, there were some interests in the fins of R.typus. From early 1970’s

    to 1980’s, there were said to be 30-100 whale sharks caught per season in

    Taiwan, but in the 1980’s, there were some seasons that had less than 10 a

    season (Stevens, 2007).


  •  Another interesting fact about R.typus is that they have a special feeding

    ability, called “ram feeding”, which is just rising vertically to catch their food.

    They then have the ability to cough up their food, which just expels things they

    have just consumed (Zoology, Volume 113, Issue 4, 2010).

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