Giraffidae Phylogenetic Tree

Domain – Eukarya

Kingdom – Animalia

Phylum  - Chordata

Class – Mammalia

Order  - Cetartiodactyla

Family – Giraffidae

Genus – Okapia

Species – Okapia johnstoni

The okapi are multicellular and are classified in the domain Eukarya. It belongs to the kingdom Animalia because it is a heterotroph. Okapi belong to the phylum chordate. All chordates have a notochord that is present in all embryos, a dorsal nerve chord, a post-anal tail, and a pharynx. Okapi have mammillary glands and hair, which puts them in the class Mammalia. Because they are in the class mammalia, they are distatly related to chimpanzeesSince they are even toed ungulates, the okapi belong to order Cetartiodactyla. The okapi belongs to the family Giraffidae, which only consists of two members: the okapi and the giraffe. These animals are highly adapted for browsing for food at a higher level than others. The okapi belong to the genus Okapia. This word derives from two Lese words. The first, oka, means to cut. The second, kpi, refers to the design the Efe people made on arrow shafts. The second part of the species name, johnstoni, is named after Harry Johnston, the first person to acquire an okapi for examination.