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We are both students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, a great school between the Missippi River and the beautiful Bluffs. Together we created this web page for our Organismal Biology Class. The class is designed to challenge students to research an organism and discover all the amazing things about one specific organism. 


 My name is Caitlin Quella and I am currently a Sophomore at the university. I plan to major in Community Health Education and am hoping to continue on to Physician Assistant Graduate Program. I created the Habitat and Interaction pages for the website. If you need to contact me for more information regarding the project or the organism my email is

Abby with the Angle Oak tree in South Carolina

My name is Abby Stauder and I am a senior here in La Crosse.  I am majoring in Broadfield Science Education.  With this degree I plan on teaching Biology in either a rural or urban high school. My dream would be to teach outside of the continental USA for a bit after graduation, and then see were my education degree takes me after.  If you have any questions about this website or the Amphiprion perideraion, do not hesitate to send me an email to



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