We thought this organism was interesting because it had a lot of interesting concepts that were still being studied. One of these concepts was that it is capable of connecting all the land plants in in a single area. It is possible for plants to communicate through our organism and share resources via Glomus intraradices. You can learn more about this topic by watching this video about how trees communicate.


These are some more interesting facts and concepts about Glomus intraradices

Spores capable of surviving space travel

Facilitate interspecies communication

Can contain multiple nuclei per hyphae

Mycelium are being used as novel, eco friendly alternatives to plastics

Can solve world hunger

Accompanies over 80% of all land plants

Glomus intraradices had a recent name change to Rhizophagus intraradices

Dormant spores may last years until they are reawakened


If you want more information on other fungi please visit Dr. Volks webpage about fungi.



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