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Interactions with other Species


                            Used by Permisson:  Giant Panda bleating on a treePhoto: David Blank

    The Giant Panda doesn't interact with many species because it likes to be alone.  The only time it interacts with its own species is when it has given birth, or during the breeding season.  In zoos the Pandas like to play with each other.  They will play fight and share toys.  This is in captivity though. 

    Giant Pandas do have a predatory relationship with the many species of Bamboo that they eat.  Bamboo becomes scarce quickly because of how much the Giant Panda Bears eat. 

    Much of the reason humans know so much about Giant Pandas is because of the human interactions that have happened.  Other Facts  In many zoos, caretakers will become close with a baby Panda.  Throughout this baby's lifetime the caretaker will always be close with the Panda.  This is not realistic behavior of the Giant Panda though, they like to be alone.  The reason they act this way in captivity is because they are used to it, and don't feel threatened or in danger of starving. 

    The Giant Panda is at the top of the food web.  It is in the bear family, and if it needed to it could kill a threat.  They have evolved into herbivores, but that doesn't mean that it isn't at the top of the food web anymore.