Habitat and Nutrition

Somatochlora Hineana

Physical Description

Somatochlora hineana - male -  Dr. Everett D. Cashatt

    S. hineana is a moderately sized, midland species.  It's face is mostly yellow including the labrum and the lower half of the frons.  The other half of the frons is a well-defined cap of dark metallic green.  The occiput is ochre yellow.  The Pterothorax is brown in front and has green and blue reflections.  On the sides of the thorax, yellow stripes are present and well defined.  The metepimeral is wider and shorter then the mesepimeral.  It has a dark brown abdomen with broad pale brown markings on its basal segments.  There is a pale apical ring on the second segment, interrupted by a middorsal line.  There are long pale ill defined basal triangles on the sides of the third segment. The other segments are dull brown (Needham, 555-556). Wings of these dragonflies are amber-tinted.  The terminal appendages of male S. hineana are specific to the species, as are the ovipositors of females (Cashatt)

  Dr. Everett D. Cashatt                      Dr. Everett D. Cashatt

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