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Heteractis magnifica
are found in exclusively tropical regions in the Indo-Pacific region. This area includes the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, South East Asia, northern Australia and Western Pacific regions.  Normally these sea anemones prefer the warm waters of 24C and 32C.  They are found in the shallower parts of the ocean, usually up to 20 meters, but not any more than 50 meters.  This is because it has a symbiotic relationship with algae, which need to stay closer to the surface for sunlight.  More information can be found under "Interactions".
An anemone near the surface of the water.

Picture by Elizabeth Guck


The Ritteri Anemone likes clear waters with a strong current.  They generally attach themselves to firm objects, or they can embed themselves in sediment with means of a pedal disc.  

Heteractis magnifica is also known for its symbiotic relationship with anemonefish, or more commonly known as clownfish.  Scientists are still unclear why this relationship exists, but many hypotheses have been made.  You can find more information under "Interactions". 

Anemone attached to a rock with pedal disc.

Picture by Elizabeth Guck