Eastern Gorillas have many adaptations to their environment. Since they are based in the forest and are herbivores they need to be able to eat and digest the food around them so they have flat teeth that allow them to be able to grind the plants they eat. They also have bacteria that break down cellulose, which is prominent in plants, so that it is digestible.

Eastern Gorillas have stereoscopic vision which means that they have good eyesight that helps them to detect other animals. They can also see color which helps them to see poachers and other threats. When they do encounter threats they can ward them off using their loud roar which intimidates most creatures.

The body structure of the Eastern Gorilla is adapted very well for its lifestyle. They have a strong upper body, long arms, fingered hands, and thumbs which all aid in walking, climbing, and food retrieval.

Eastern Lowland Gorillas have thin hair that keeps them cool but the Mountain Gorillas have longer and darker hair that allows them to trap heat since night temperatures in the Virunga Mountains can drop below freezing. The dark fur is also beneficial because it camouflages them and keeps them hidden, deep in the rainforest.

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