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Interesting Facts & About Me

I never would have guessed...

  • Shiitake mushroom production reached 1,322,000 metric tons in 1997 which accounts for over 25% of the world's edible mushrooms... that's a lot of edible fungus!


  • Japan produces over 80% of the world's Shiitake mushrooms.


  • Shiitakes can be pickled... what will they think of next?


  • The gills turn yellow-brown when the mushroom cap starts to dry out.


  • The best way to store the Shiitake is to place it in a wooden box and put it in a dark, cold, and dry place.





About Me

Hello!  My name is Abby Hendzel.  I am a freshmen at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  My major is Biology with a concentration in biomedical science and a minor in chemistry.  I am also a pre-med student and hope to one day be a dermatologist.  I think skin is fascinating and I enjoy spending my free time learning about the body's largest organ.  I picked the Shiitake mushroom as my project topic mainly because I love its name.  Also, I have never tried this particular fungus before and thought this would be a great time try it (I did, and it was quite tasty!).  Thanks for visiting my page, and I hope you gain a better appreciation and understanding of Lentinula edodes.

Questions or comments?  Contact me at: hendzel.abby@students.uwlax.edu

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