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    The Tamarin Monkey primarily resides in Amazonia, west of the Rio Madeira. They can be found in the lowland rainforests of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. Despite being present in Peru they are very rare because they are considered to be very vulnerable in that area. In Brazil and Bolivia the numbers are unknown except they can be seen in large groups.

The distribution of the Tamarin is restricted by the rivers of South America such as the...

       *Rio Tambo

           *Rio Jurua

                                                                                       *Rio Abuna

                                                                          *Rio Madre de Dios


Although they are commonly found in the high-ground, due to tree falls they also can make the secondary growth their home. Living in the secondary growth of the rainforest has its advantages, there is a higher abundance of food and there is more protection against predators from above. Tamarins also reside in flooded areas where there is low underbrush and a lot of twisting vines.

There are many other organisms that live in the Tamarin's habitat such as eagles (ex:Guinean crested eagle), hawks (ex: bicolored hawks), snakes (ex: Anacondas), Tayras, Ocelots and many more (McDade).






These are places where one could find groups of Saguinus imperator.

Country Presence and Abundance


In basin of upper R. Purus and tributaries

In SE Loreto

Common along R. Curanja


Common near Balta

At Cocha Cashu; uncommon

In East Madre de Dios


In NW between R. Abuna and R. Madre de Dios
Brazil In W acre at Pedra Preta and Seringal Oriente

In W along upper R. Jurua and upper R. Purus and tributaries

In Southwest Amazonas


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