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Cheung family dinner!  -picture taken by Ed Cheung

    As we already know, the king crab is the largest crab in the polar seas.  It has no effects to humans, except for the occasional crab pinch and that they taste delicious.1  The red king crab is sweet in flavor and is a very rich meat.  Because of this, the king crab is of great economic importance to areas where they inhabit.  Major catch areas are in Alaska and Russia and they are caught in large pots "baited with herring or other fish."2  Unfortunately, because of overfishing and just the constant demand of this restaurant specialty, the populations of the crab is slowly decreasing, as well as the amount caught.  Now, males can only be fished, not because males are larger in size, but to keep females and reproductive success alive.3  For conservation methods, there has been closures of many fisheries and the addition to red king crabs' closest relative, the blue king crab, to the Alaskan king crab market.  Populations have yet to show much recovery.4

    On a more delectable note, here's a recipe for the home chef in us all!

...and some pictures too, and try not to drool on the keyboard!

Alaskan King Crab Legs


Red King Crab

Alaskan king crab legs!