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University of Wisconsin Lacrosse


April 27, 2007

It Came From the Deep:

While Architeuthis dux  has never been seen in its natural environment, it can only be speculated where it lives, but based off dead specimens washed ashore scientists are learning more about it. Recent research has indicated that a giant squid may make its home deep within the ocean in depths of around 200 to 1000m. Unfortunately in contradiction some specimens have been captured in mid water by fishing boats.  The specimens so far have been found in a wide range of continental and island slopes around the world.  The northern waters of the Atlantic around Newfoundland, Norway, and Britain and in the southern most parts of the Atlantic near South African waters are some of the places specimens have been found. In the Pacific they are mostly discovered around Japan to the north and then Australia and New Zealand to the south. Research done by Dr. Ole Brix at the University of Bergen suggests that the Architeuthis dux can only survive at cold temperatures. Its blood is unable to carry oxygen as efficiently at higher temperatures and may cause it to suffocate.