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April 27, 2007

Classification Info:

To gain a better understanding of the Architeuthis dux lets take a look at how it is has been classified:

Domain: Eukarya

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Cephalopada

Order: Teuthida

Genus: Architeuthis

Species: Architeuthis dux


Starting with the domain Eukarya we can learn that Architeuthis dux is a organism which contains membrane bound organelles and nucleus.

From the kingdom Animalia we can infer that it is multi-cellular, heterotrophic, and motile organism which lacks a cell wall around its semi-permeable membrane.

Being from the phylum Mollusca we know that it is triploblastic with bilateral symmetry making its structure advanced. Examples of this are its nervous system, one way digestive system and circulatory system. It body is divided up into the protective covering known as the mantle, the visceral cavity which houses the organs, and finally a head foot used for locomotion.

The class Cephalopada is characterized with having defined head and the modification of its head foot into arms or tentacles. They also contain the most complex nervous systems of all invertebrates making them quiet unique. Their closed circulatory systems set them apart from other mollusks and provide them with a more active lifestyle. Use of jet propulsion is also a defining feature.

The order of Teuthida is where squid separate themselves from all other cephalopods. Their body is made of three distinguishing parts the mantle, head and the arms. They have eight arms and two tentacles that are arranged in pairs. Giant squid are in the sub order Coleoidea.

The family of Architeuthidae defines itself from other squid by its size. Its size is comparable to the colossal squid Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni but its mantle is believed to be slightly shorter. While they were once believed to be mythical creatures, recent research has uncovered they are indeed real and make their home deep within the ocean.

Architeuthis is one of the eight genus of Architeuthidae. While there is much argument behind the classification of the Architeuthidae family, Architeuthis dux is commonly believed to be the Atlantic form of the giant squid, but there is little difference in the giant squid found in the pacific so it becomes a loose name for all giant squid. There is no known way to track the squid down of find if it travels to a breeding ground so it becomes quiet difficult to know for sure.

Finally the species name of Architeuthis dux is a general term given to all giant squid at the current time because there is no know differences in the squid discovered.


The subdivision Neocoleoidea of Teuthida

Extant sub-group Decapodiformes

Closest Species

  • Architeuthis

  • Megaloteuthis

  •  Dinoteuthis

  • Mouchezis

  • Megateuthis

  •  Plectoteuthis

  •  Steenstrupia 

  • Dubioteuthis