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Interactions w/species


The Texas Horned Lizard is a very interesting organism, sadly it is a threatened species in Oklahoma and Texas. The population is declining for many reasons, but probably the most common reason is because of the interaction it has with the harvester ant which is its main source of food. Fire ants were causing problems, so farmers decided to start using different types of pesticides, well the pesticides are not only killing the fire ants, there also killing other types of ants and many different types of insects that the Texas Horned Lizard eats like grasshoppers, isopods, beetles, and beetle larvae. This isn't the only reason that the population is declining though, another main reason is because of a loss in habitat because of humans building in its habitat. There are many types of groups that are trying to help the conservation of the Texas Horned. The Texas Parks and Wildlife, along with many other groups are studying aspects of the Texas Horned Lizard so they might figure out how to protect it from any further negative human impacts that might occur through farming or urbanization (Moody).