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Interesting Facts


Behavior- The Texas Horned Lizard has many interesting facts about it, usually related to its behavior. Its behavior is mainly based upon thermoregulation, this is the reason why one minute its burrowing in the sand and five minutes later its basking in the sun (Todd). They enjoy socializing except males in hot weather, when they get crowded they wag their tail with annoyance. Males claim their territory from other intruding males by biting them or by vigorously bobbing their head up and down. If the intruding male bobs his  head back they go into doing a series of push-ups. Whoever usually does the better push-ups wins, but they rarely do this because it can attract predators.

Eating-  If insects remain motionless the Texas Horned Lizard thinks that they cant possibly be food, but when a Texas Horned Lizard does see some ants creeping about it starts twitching its tail like a cat that has decided which certain bird its going to pounce on. Once it is close enough it will make a quick spurt, then thrust out its sticky tongue, swallow a handful still alive, then retreats quickly in fear of being stung. The esophagus and stomach do not seem to be affected by the stings, however, if the ants try attacking the lizard it will turn tail and run because the ants, believe it or not, could swarm the lizard and kill it by stinging it to death (Manaster).