Endangered Species


Siberian tigers are majestic creatures.  They are also called the Amur, Manchurian and Amba tiger.  Their coat is striped, yellow-orange in color and has white on its tail, underside, back and legs. The males have ruffs of fur around their cheeks. They also love the water and are very strong swimmers. Siberian tigers are usually solitaire animals except when mating, and their roar can be heard over a mile away.  Males are about 700lbs and about ten feet long from nose to tail.  Females on the other hand weigh about 450lbs and average a length of eight feet.  In the wild, Siberian tigers live for about fifteen years, but in captivity they live longer, to about twenty-five years.


The Siberian tiger has many adaptations that it uses to survive.  It has keen eyesight that pick up the slightest movements. Its night vision is even five times greater that of humans! Tigers also have cup-like ears which makes their hearing very sensitive. They have a great sense of smell, and their whiskers help them maneuver in the dark. Its coat is also more yellow, thicker and longer than its other relatives which helps it survive in its colder habitat.  Like a household cat, Siberian tigers have retractable claws so they stay sharp because they are not getting worn down on rocks.  This makes it easier to kill its prey.