Endangered Species

Siberian tigers spend much of their waking time hunting.  They are nocturnal therefore they prefer to hunt during the night.  They do this because it is easier for them to sneak up on their prey and pounce on them.  A Siberian tiger can run up to fifty miles an hour but only for very short distances. Only about in every ten attempts to kill prey is successful.  Tigers' powerful jaws and weight help pull the animal down.  It kills the prey by biting the prey's neck breaking it or suffocating it.  It will then drag its prey to a spot to eat it.  It can drag prey that would take over a dozen men to move!


Siberian tigers mainly hunt wild boar, elk and deer, but if food is short, they will eat pretty much anything.  They will even go closer to town to hunt dogs and cats, but this poses a threat to the tiger because it could be killed by humans.  They can usually eat 100lbs in one sitting.  That's about 400 hamburgers!  They eat everything, including the bones but it will take them a while to finish the entire animal.