Where do the parrotfish reside?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Chlorurus sordidus is a marine dwelling fish that is often found in warm tropical seas, specifically the Pacific Ocean, Red Sea, and Indian Ocean. Parrotfish actually eat their homes. I guess I would too if my house was made out of food that I found delicious, such as chocolate or ice cream. In reality, coral is their main food source and place of protection, which serves as a more solid home than ice cream ever would and is healthier for them too! They are observed most often on the drop-off in shallower waters or lagoons, but have been seen as deep as one hundred feet. They are a very commonly seen fish in Hawaii, where I actually saw them when I was snorkeling last January which inspired this website!Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

They live in this ecosystem with all of the other reef fish, damselfish, unicornfish, starfish, sea cucumbers, angelfish, barracudas, and many, many more. Each part of the ecosystem is an equally important part.

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