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ME!Hi! My name is Amanda LaBudda and I am currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse.  I am majoring in Biology with a Bio-Medical Concentration with the intent of eventually going to graduate school to become a Physician Assistant.  The curriculum for this program led me to take Organismal Biology and thus began the creation of this website!

Our assignment was to make a website about ANY organism!  With over a million choices you may be wondering how I came to this particular bacteria species.   Well, I initially thought of animals.  (Actually I had first chosen the Blue Whale!)   But I then decided to take this assignment as an opportunity to become an 'expert' on a certain organism.  Keeping in mind my desire to pursue a career in the medical field, I realized that becoming a specialist of the Blue Whale would yield little opportunity to exercise my expertise. So I began researching various pathogens and ended up stumbling upon Legionella pneumophila.  The mystery that plagued those who first tried to identify this species intrigued me.  I then decided to do a little investigating myself and the result is this website!

Thank you for visiting and  I hope you enjoyed learning about Legionella pneumophila.  If you have any question or suggestions, I would welcome them at

Go to the Crucial Contributors page to see the references for this website and also for links that can lead you to further information about Legionella pneumophila.