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Multiple Organisms
Organismal Biology
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Each student chooses an organism at the beginning of the semester and then construct a web page about that organism. So far, Organismal Biology and Animal Biology classes are making organismal web pages.

This will be the permanent home for students' web pages

Spring 2014

Fall 2013

Spring 2013

Spring 2013 More Animal Biology pages!

Fall 2012

Fall 2012 More Animal Biology pages!

Spring 2012  The theme is Food. All the organisms are eaten or are used to make foods.

Spring 2012  More Animal Biology pages! Section 1 includes Midwestern insects and Section 2 includes North American land snails in the family Polygyridae.

Fall 2011  The theme is Sustainability. This matches the focus for UW-La Crosse for this year.

Fall 2011 Animal Biology

Spring 2011  The theme is medicinal organisms, from which medicines are derived.

Spring 2011  Animal Biology has joined us! Their theme is Land Snails of Wisconsin. This complements Kathryn Perez's Wisconsin Land Snails web page.

Spring 2010 Theme: local organisms of the La Crosse area.

Spring 2009 Theme: Christmas Organisms. You can read a story that incorporates all of these web pages (and more) in "An Organismal Christmas."

Spring 2008 Other interesting organisms.

Spring 2007 Mostly charismatic megafauna, but some other interesting stuff.

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Special thanks to Saundy Solum and her minions at Information Technology for helping students learn to make web page.  These pages would not have been possible without their help.