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  • The Arctic fox is able to walk on top of snow and listen for the movement of prey beneath it.
  • The Arctic fox is the best-traveled of any terrestrial mammal with the exception of Homo sapiens (Nowak, 1999).
  • Captive breeding of the fox has revealed that the blue morph, while uncommon in the wild (constituting less than 5 percent of some populations), is actually the dominant form (Sale, 2006).
  • Overtrapping drove the fox nearly to extinction in many areas, yet today the fox's status is "not threatened."
  • The winter coat develops in October and is shed in April.
  • Although the white morph fox is typically a very pure white during the winter, in areas with a slightly warmer climate they may remain relatively dark throughout the whole year, more closely resembling the color of their summer coat (Nowak, 1999).
  • The Arctic fox's vocalizations include barks, screams, and hisses, yet are seldom heard except during breeding season, during territorial disputes, and to warn their young.

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