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Musa acuminata (AAA) Timeline

5000 BC:  In southwest Asia, wall inscriptions left by

                          ancient civilizations depict the domesticated



4000 BC: 

Excavations in the Indus River Valley

indicate the development and cultivation

of the Musa acuminata (AAA).

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                                                        600-450sBC: Indian artisans belonging to the

                                                                city of Ajanta honored the banana in decorative

                                                                wall paintings. In addition, the banana made its

                                                                first appearance in historical literature in the

                                                                holy Hindu book of Ramayana.

600s: The first banana capital was established in

Mocha an ancient Arab port city. A version of the city’s

name gave the fruit its Latin name, musa. Also during this

time period, the holy book of Islam the Koran portrayed

the banana as the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Pardise.

700s - 1200s: The Moors (North African Arabs) occupied Spain

establishing bananas in several Spanish cities.


                          1400s: Portuguese traders sailed along

                             Africa’s west coast seeing the banana plants

                             as a new business venture. In learning about

                             the cultivation of these plants the traders

                             inventing the common name for the plant

                             which we all know as the “banana”.

1516:  A Spanish priest named,Friar Tomas de Berlanga, carried banana plants from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. This new fruit soon took off and spread throughout Central America and  South America reaching as far as Peru.

1870: A sea captain from New England,

Lorenzo Baker, bought bananas in the

Caribbean island of Jamaica. Traveling

10-12 days, Baker docked in New Jersey

and sold the fruit for top dollar.

Baker went on to team up with a produce

merchant named Andrew Preston.

These two partners then merged with

other produce companies to form the

Boston Fruit Company in 1885.

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1870-1890s-- Present: A New Yorker named Minor Keith went to Central America to build a railroad. He planted banana plants along the edge of the railroad in order to have the first banana crop freight. This railroad connected with the U.S. ships to transport this crop to the southern portion of the states. Eventually, Keith joined the Boston Fruit Company in 1899 renaming the organization to the United Fruit Company of today.


                                                    Copyright 2007 by Chiquita Brands, L.L.C


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