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Hi!  My name is Pat van Oss, and I'm currently attending UW-La Crosse for a degree in Biology with a Biomedical concentration, and a minor in Spanish.  I chose to make my webpage about Atrax robustus because I had read in my preliminary research that there were unconfirmed reports that the spider's fangs are capable of penetrating a human fingernail!  I ended up confirming these with a few sources (see Potpourri for a really cool video), and I'm now utterly convinced that the Sydney Funnel-web is the coolest spider in the world!  There are a lot of other cool organisms out there, and hopefully this site will encourage you to explore some of the diverse life forms on this planet.  Hey, by the way, check out Multiple Organisms to get a look at some other cool life forms on sites made by other UW-L students like me!

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