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Submersible Alvin, which took pictures of K. hirsuta in its native habitat, being lowered into the water.  (Courtesy Dr. Segonzac/Ifremer © 2005)

I am deeply grateful to all the scientists—including Yeti crab discoverer Dr. Michel Segonzac himselfwho took the time to personally correspond with me.  If it weren't for their gracious assistance, this site would not exist.

The field of malacostracology (crustacean science) is rapidly developing; exciting new discoveries are made everyday. I recently received an email from a scientist informing me that he is in the process of describing a yet another novel galatheid squat lobster species, a relatively close relative of K. hirsuta (Baldwin 2009).  Of course, there is also at least one novel Kiwa species that has yet to be described.

I intend to make this site the premier source for information on family Kiwaidae anywhere on the internet.  As long as I have access to the web server, I plan to update this site whenever possible.  My goal is to achieve a top search-engine ranking for this subject.

If you work in this field and have new information you would like to share, or if you are a student who needs help with a project related to a Kiwa species, feel free to contact me by email here.

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