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Accept my sincerest apologies if this likeness of my frightful visage permanently damages your computer monitor.

My name is Rourke Douglas Decker.  I am a nontraditional student at the University of Wisconsin—La Crosse, majoring (ironically enough) in German.  Against all evidence, I firmly maintain that I am hopelessly inept at biology, but I continue to plug away at it, since like many of my colleagues in this class, I hope one day to go to medical school.  I also plan eventually to earn my pilot's license.

My dream, were every star in the cosmos to come into proper alignment, is to earn enough money as a novelist to enable me to fly medical aviation missions into disadvantaged nations and provide medical care free of charge to those in need.  I know that's a tall order to ask.

I currently serve on the UW-L Student Senate as the Returning Adult Student Organization (RASO) representativea nice term for "old guy on Senate."

I look forward to completing my major by studying abroad in Germany in the Fall 2010 semester, though it will mean uprooting and relocating my wife, twin sons, and Chihuahua to a foreign land.  I am no stranger to foreign lands, having served two years in Iraq as a medic with the United States Army.

As a broke college student of both the humanities and hard sciences, I obviously have a broad array of interests, though few hobbies.  (In the immortal words of George Carlin: "Hobbies cost money.  Interests are quite free.")  Moreover, I love to meet new people.  Feel free to email me any time or look me up on Facebook. I'm the only Rourke on Facebooknot to mention the only Rourke Decker in the worldso I'm pretty easy to find.

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