Tasty, the stuffed hairy lobster

Even if the Yeti crab won't make for gourmet dining, it can make an excellent toy for your kids.

"Tasty" the hairy lobster (dorsal view).
 (Courtesy Kristin McQuillin © 2006).

On March 11, 2006, barely three months after the discovery of the species was announced, Kristen McQuillin, a veritable Renaissance woman residing in Tokyo, Japan, published on her blog a design for a plush toy she dubbed (ironically enough) "Tasty, the stuffed Kiwa hirsuta."  She provides the pattern and complete, easy-to-follow assembly instructions for the adorable critter right on her blog.

Crafted from muslin and faux fur, Ms. McQuillin's design bears a remarkable likeness to the real thing.  In her own words, although Tasty is "not anatomically correct in every detail . . . I think she is an identifiable member of this new species."

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