Chestnut anyone?

       Castanea dentata

15 minutes of fame.

 HI ALL! I hope you enjoyed the refreshment of learning about chestnuts.  Now for a little bit about me!

Stephanie J. Dorman (personal photo)

As of May 2009, I will graduate from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology.  I will then be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the next four years to complete my Doctor of Pharmacy.  I was born and raised in the fine state of Wisconsin in a small "village," just outside the state capitol, called Waunakee. The only Waunakee in the world...or so they claim.  It has been my dream since freshmen year of college to become a pharmacist and now, four years later, I'm finally within reach of making my dream come true.  So I'm sticking around Wisconsin to defend my Badgers, Brewers and Packers...mostly for the fact that my father would disown me if I became a traitor.  But, I do have lots of family and friends that I couldn't imagine leaving just yet!

So you are probably wondering to yourself, "then why do a website on CHESTNUTS!?" Excellent question. This is what I got for ya.  One of my final classes that I needed to graduate from UW-L was Organismal Biology.  An assignment for that class was to produce an online webpage of an organism belonging to the groups we have studied thus far. All of the students' pages would then be posted on a larger project website called Multiple Organisms to compile the research of hundreds of organisms. The theme of this semester's organisms is Christmas (or any other winter holiday). And when you think of Christmas AND chestnuts...well that one's not too hard to figure out!


 Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, 
Jack Frost nipping at your nose, 
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir, 
And folks dressed up like Eskimos...

Yah yah yah...

Well, enough about Christmas (it's just FINALLY turning spring in Wisconsin) and about myself.  I hope you were intrigued by the knowledge obtained about chestnuts and please take the time to visit the sites of my fellow classmates to learn even more!


If you have any questions or comments don't be shy!

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To find out where I found all of my knowledge, check out my informative references...because I know you don't think I thought all of this up myself...


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