Photo taken by Rosanne MayHello! My name is Maggie May and I am a student at the Univervsity of Wisconsin- La Crosse. I am majoring in BioMedical sciences, minoring in chemistry, and pre-physician assistant. I am also a member of the UW-L women's track and field team, participating in hurdle and jumping events. My future goal is to become a physician assistant at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. As part of my Organismal Biology webpage assignment, I chose the species Asarum canadense because I am a big fan of the ginger flavor! Even though this is not the real ginger that we buy on the food shelf, it does make a great substitute and is found in my home area in the Midwest. Thank you for visiting this webpage, and I hope that you have expanded your knowledge on Asarum canadense. The next time you flavor some ginger on your food think back to all you have learned, because wild ginger is wildly amazing!

 Photo taken by Rosanne May Photo taken by Ashton May

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