European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)


Rabbits are commonly known as fast reproducers. The European Rabbit is capable of reproducing year-round, however most of the mating occurs in the first half of the year. Gestation last about 30 days, and litters usually range from 5 to 6 offspring. Females are able to have many litters per year, and it is not uncommon for embryos to be aborted in the womb. This is though to be caused by environmental or social stress.Young Rabbit

 The offspring, called kittens, are born naked, blind, and helpless. Yet in animals belonging to Lagomorpha, there is extremely limited parental care. The mother will visit her young once a day for nursing. By the age of one to two months of age, the kittens are already weaned and by four to six months they will reach sexual maturity and will be able to reproduce. The rabbits then live up to an average of nine years. This may seem very fast, and would certainly cause quick overpopulation. However, the mortality rate of the kittens in the first year of their life frequently exceeds 90%.



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