Roosevelt Elk


  • Roosevelt elk's antlers have been recorded to be 74 inches long (Murie 1951)
  • Roosevelt elk have topped the scales at over 1,100 pounds (Murie 1951)
  • There have been some reports of a Roosevelt elk defending itself against 3 wolves at the same time
  • A male elk is called a bull (Harper 1967)
  • The female elk is called a cow (Harper 1967)
  • The population size is on average 100,000 elk depending on the year and the climate (Murie 1951)
  • Rotten wood is sometimes apart of the elks diet (Murie 1951)
  • Red deer are the closest relative to the elk (Whitehead 1972)
  • Roosevelt elk morphologically the most similar to the Rocky mountain elk but are most similar to the Tule elk when comparing DNA (Meredith 2007)

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