Horseradish: Armoracia rusticana


The following eat or destroy the Horseradish root:

Cabbage aphid ,Turnip aphid, Cutworms, Diamondback moth, Imported cabbage worm, Cabbage flea beetle, Wireworms

The most damaging is the Cabbage flea beetle which is a small, shiny, steel-blue jumping beetle that attacks young foliage and may require control measures to stop it. The Wireworm burrows into the root to grow, damaging it. 

1911 Encyclopędia Britannica/Economic Entomology 



Horseradish is a good companion plant for potatoes since it is said to deter potato eelworm and the Colorado beetle. One plant at each corner of the potato patch is sufficient enough for most gardens. When grown under apple trees it is said to prevent brown rot, powdery mildew and other fungal diseases.





The most obvious interaction is with humans to make horseradish sauce, continue reading to learn more.


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