If you’ve ever been to the zoo or looked through a book of animals, you have probably come across some marine mammal. However, I am willing to bet that you still have a lot to learn about these magnificent creatures. This webpage is dedicated to teaching you all about the specific marine mammal, the harp seal. Hopefully after learning about them you will feel a little more appreciative for this unique species.

A good place to start learning about harp seals would be under the CLASSIFICATION page. Feel free to explore and learn more.

If you know anything at all about the harp seal, it is probably about the seal hunt. Recently the fight against these hunts has been highly publicized, especially by organizations such as PETA; there are even organizations made solely to fight for the creatures that cannot fight for themselves. Below are a few videos provided to give you a better idea of how seals are hunted.

This video was provided by The Humane Society of the United States.

Every year harp seals continue to be hunted and die without cause. if you would like to help save the seals from a fate like this there are plenty of volunteer opportunities to help save them. Go to http://www.harpseals.org/help/volunteer/indysealproj.php for more information.

This video has been provided by Harpseal.org.

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