And now what you actually came here to learn about, me!


Hi there! My name is Samuel Marshall and I'm a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I am currently attempting to get a microbiology major with a chemistry minor. I want to use this degree to become possibly a virologist or immunologist. I would like to go into Research and development, but only time will tell. In my down time when I'm not working or studying, I'm hang with my friends, playing video games, and working out.

This website was made for a class I'm taking, Organismal Biology (BIO 203). The theme for spring 2012 semester was edible food. For this project, I chose cantaloupe because it is one of my favorite fruits ever. I learned about the listeria scare and the history of cantaloupe.

If you see any errors, have any constructive criticism( all is appreciated!), or would just like to contact me, email

If you want to check out some other organisms you can eat, check out webpage and click on spring 2012 and enjoy!