The first pandemic of Vibrio parahaemolyticus was in Japan in 1950 and caused 272 humans with illness and another 20 individuals who died.  Another organism found in the far east is the Polyrhachis lamallidens.

70% of food poisoning cases in Japan are due to V. parahaemolyticus.

In the United States, this species is the most common bacterium of the genus Vibrio isolated from humans. 

V. parahaemolyticus is up to 20-30% of all cases dealing with food poisoning.

The first illness recorded in the USA linked to this species was dated in 1971 due to contamination of crabmeat in Maryland.

The species is the leading cause of seafood linked illnesses in the United States.

It is also believed that the illness is under diagnosed in the U.S.

The illness is noted mostly in states on the Pacific, Gulf, and Atlantic Coast; however, it can still be fou nd in non-coastal states due to contaminated food as well as travel.

The first Vibrio parahaemolyticus phage isolated was in 1966.

Markets sell oysters and clams that V. parahaemolyticus phages test very high in.

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