Lion's Mane Jellyfish

Welcome to the enormous life of Cyanea capillata more commonly known as the Lion's Mane jellyfish!  It is recognized as the world's longest animal, but its length is not the only unique Modification the Lion's Mane has developed.  It is also a very venomous predator which feeds on a variety of organisms.   Cyanea capillata's Niche is primarily found in the cooler regions around the globe but is not limited to them.  The Lion's Mane is a dangerous presence for its prey in all of the earth's oceans.  The Lion's Mane does not only eat other organisms but it also carries out complex interactions throughout its life cycle.  To find out how amazing Cyanea capillata really is, explore my webpage!











Both of these images are courtesy of Alexander Semenov.

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