Gyromitra esculenta, a false morel

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    Hello, my name is Willa Hammett-Hayes, and I am a freshman at UW-La Crosse.  I am originally from Stanley, a small town near Eau Claire, WI.  I love La Crosse because of the natural beauty, the perfect size, and campus atmosphere!  If you are exploring college options, I would suggest visiting to check it out.
I am currently studying to become a physician’s assistant with a biomedical major and a chemistry minor.  That is subject to change, of course.  InMy mom, dad, and I in Yellowstone National Park my free time, I like to golf, read, run, and travel.  I have been to Utah, Montana, North Carolina, Missouri, Maryland, Canada, and all the states in between! 

Creating this website was challenging but rewarding!  It will join the hundreds of other pages already created on describing various species.  The Multiple Organisms project is an effort to create a database about as many known species as possible since spring of 2007.  Making this website was a required part of BIO 203, Organismal Biology, at UW-L.My brother and I

     If you happen to be intrigued by what you learned about fungi on this site, I recommend visiting my professor Tom Volk’s fungi website,  He has a ton of great general information about fungi and species too! 


    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, anxieties, corrections, praise, or anger about any content on this website, please don’t hesitate to contact me at  Also, all the publications I used for research for the site can be found on the references page.  I would like to thank all the authors of these books and articles, as well as everyone who let me use their pictures.  Without you, this website would not have happened!

Pictures on this page were taken by family members.