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Photo of Danika           Danika Johnson is a current undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. She is a dual major in both Biochemistry and Biomedical Science. “I honestly look forward to going to my classes. Biology and Chemistry are just so interesting! I just can’t get enough!” (Danika). Her interest in science and other living things sprouted at a very early age. She started questioning her parents about each and every thing around her from the moment she could talk, and once the questions started, they never stopped coming. “Sometimes I think my curiosity gets the best of me, but how else am I supposed to learn all of the things I want to know!?”(Danika).  In the end, most of Danika’s beliefs regarding science can be summed up in this one statement; “There is just so much beauty and magic behind all science… there are so many hidden patterns and amazing characteristics to everything we could possibly find here on Earth, and all I want is to be able uncover a little more of that intricate puzzle” (Danika).
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          In addition to being a student, Danika is also part of the swim team at UW-L and is extremely dedicated to physical fitness. “I think that being fit is a huge part of having a quality lifestyle; the better I eat and more I exercise the more energy I have and the better I feel in all aspects of my life” (Danika). When not in the pool or classroom, Danika enjoys the simple things in life like spending time with family and friends, watching movies (especially Harry Potter), reading (ESPECIALLY Harry Potter), and coloring pictures. “Nothing is more important to me than my family, but sometimesThe Hogwarts Crest- Harry Potter crayons can come pretty close” quoted Danika jokingly to some of her friends while coloring after a stressful day of classes. "Harry Potter is actually the reason I got interested in this plant in the first place!" quotes Danika. In the first book Snape mock's Harry by asking him a bunch of difficult questions. One of which was asking what the difference was between monkshood and wolfsbane. For the answer click here.

           Danika is always happy and ready to answer any questions someone may have. So, if you have any questions or comments regarding this website please feel free to email her at johnson.dan2@uwlax.edu. “I love getting constructive criticism! That way I get to know what I can do to make something better because I know that there is ALWAYS room for improvement!”

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