Phoneutria fera

Hello and welcome to the home of the most dangerous spider on earth: the Brazilian Wandering Spider. The phrase Brazilian Wandering Spider actually refers to the genus Phonuetria. This genus is also referred to as Banana Spiders or Armed Spiders. Phonuetria genus contains eight different species of spiders which are all similar but this web page will be specifically discussing the characteristics of P. fera. The main characteristics that separate P. fera from other members of this genus are that they are generally larger in size and have minor differences in their copulatory organs. This website includes information on where this spider can be found, how it reproduces and develops, how this spider is classified, how it interacts with other organisms, the anatomy of this spider and how it works, and lastly some fun facts and information. If you have any questions as to what any terms mean, make sure to check out the glossary. If you have any questions or comments regarding the content of this website or anything else, make sure to use the content located in the bottom left corner of this page to contact me. Now without further ado I encourage you to dive into my website. Why not start with the habitat page.
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