So where does Robinia pseudoacacia grow?             
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Region of Black Locust OriginI think a better question is where doesn’t it?  Wherever there is ample amounts of sunlight, Robinia pseudoacacia can thrive because it loves the sun. It is found in temperate climate regions, and occupies several areas throughout the world.  It originated right here in North America, and has since been introduced to other many other places including Britain, parts of Western Europe, the Netherlands, southern Canada and Asia.  It has even been considered invasive in some countries, but I’ll talk about that more on my Fun Facts page!                

Black Locust TreeIn the forest ecosystem, the black locust serves as a primary producer. This means that it functions as an autotroph, so it makes its own food instead of feeding on other organisms to get energy.  How does it do this? Find out on my Nutrition page!  All kinds of organisms live in the same habitat as Robinia pseudoacacia ranging from animals, to bacteria to fungi, and to other plant species as well. 




Steven J. Baskauf, 2002

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 Banner Photo Credit: Steven J. Baskauf, 2002. From Bioimages