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My name is Bridgette Klinkosh and I am currently a student at UW-La Crosse.  I'm majoring in Biology with a Biomedical concentration and am working towards a double minor in psychology and Spanish.  For this particular webpage I decided to obtain a couple of Dyeing dart frogs to keep as pets, which I photographed throughout the project.  It was one of the most peculiar things I have ever done and I still use "Hey, I have poison dart frogs in my kitchen." as an icebreaker at parties.  I've always been an animal lover, though I find myself more drawn to smaller creatures because of the ease of care and whatnot.  My hobbies include drawing, painting, necklace-making, and unfortunately homework.  I love to roller-blade on campus and swim whenever I can.  I have two dogs at home, a labrador-dalmation mix and a catahoula-boxer mix and I miss them while I'm away at college.  Being able to invest my time and energy into creating a collaborative site such as this about the Dyeing dart frog has made being away from home easier.  I hope that this site will someday become a tool for other students and non-students to learn more about this beautiful creature, so that they won't have to do nearly the digging I found myself doing.  Despite all of the work, I'm proud to have created something like this for anyone to enjoy.  Thank you.

Bridgette Klinkosh
University of Wisconsin La Crosse
Feel free to contact  me at

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