Centruroides sculpturaus has a special mating "dance" that a male and female complete. This dance may look funny and last for quite a while, but for some odd reason these scorpions deem it necessary prior to mating

The Arizona Bark Scorpion is the most venomous scorpion found in North America, yet it only causes a real threat to children, the elderly, or those with compromised immune systems

Photo credit Caragiuss

Centruroides exilicauda was believed to be the same species as C. sculpturatus until further studies showed they were different species. Tests have shown that the venom from C. sculpturatus is more potent than that of C. exilicauda, and is made up of nine different toxins. C. exilicauda is found in Baja California, Mexico


Scorpions "glow" when black lights are shied upon them in the dark. This can be very useful for scientests when trying to find scorpions that are well camouflaged with the environment

Photo credit Bryce Alexander

Centruroides sculpturatus test subjects have been frozen for weeks during experiments, only to thaw out and be completely unharmed. They have also been found at nuclear testing sites with no negative effects

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